A new warehouse is a big deal for your company and can help your business grow and expand like never before. Just look at how it helped Amazon.com. But actually, choosing to lease or buy a new warehouse can be a complex process.

Using the right broker to identify the best options for your business based upon your individual circumstances, is an important step in securing the right space you need. Keep reading to find out why.

  1. More Cash in Your Pocket

Money: in business, it’s the bottom line, right? While it’s true commercial brokers earn commission, those fees are usually the responsibility of the owner/landlord of the warehouse, not you.  In other words, there is no cost to use a broker for a Buyer or Tenant.

Your broker will have the tools to get you the best deal possible, and you’ll benefit from the savings without forking out for the fees.

  1. Commercial Property Know-How

Finding clients the best possible commercial property is what your commercial broker does for a living.   Brokers earn a living by being an expert on understanding their market, what is available and when.  They also know what the average rate properties lease for and what buildings have sold and their value.  But the most important fact they know is the “Why” behind these transactions.  Knowing why a property leased or sold for a certain amount allows you to make complicated market decisions quickly.

  1. Tap into Their Network of Contacts

Another perk of using an experienced broker is that you’ll get access to properties you didn’t even know about. Your broker will not only know what is currently on the market but they’ll also know of properties not yet on the market.

This insider knowledge will give you access to properties you won’t otherwise see and, who knows? One of these invisible buildings could be the perfect fit for your business.

  1. Utilize Their Search Tools

While home buyers and renters have access to a variety of online tools, on the commercial side, listings are less visible. On top of that, when many businesses look for commercial properties on local listing services, the information is usually not accurate, out of date or the property is no longer available making this a monumental waste of time and energy.

Commercial property brokers have access to tools and platforms the public don’t see.  They subscribe to very expensive services, software subscriptions and marketing platforms that provide the most up to date availabilities.  So using a broker will increase your chances of finding the perfect warehouse and with reduced competition.

  1. Faster Processing Time

A commercial property broker has another thing up their sleeve: deal processing experience.

A designated broker will be well-versed in protecting your interests.  They are experts in understanding how to get you efficiently from proposal to occupancy or ownership.  They know how to navigate the many pitfalls of leases and contracts. They also know when to bring in individualized experts and who those experts are when they are needed.  The benefits to you are to save both time and money.

The Bottom Line on Why You Should Hire a Commercial Broker

Choosing the right broker for your business can be the key to your growth and expansion. Finding a warehouse that’s the right size, in the right location, and at the right price is very challenging. The way to do that is to hire the right broker.

A commercial broker can find what you need with their property and area knowledge, their contacts base and their listings tools.

Are you ready to find the perfect property for your business? Why not contact us and see how we can help.