The Lee Advantage to Lease Expirations

We know leases can be confusing, we’re here to help!
Below are 5 things to consider as you approach the expiration of your lease.


Be aware of any and all critical dates – Know the date of your lease expiration as well as the timing of any renewal option and/or notification periods.

Don’t wait – Plan to begin the process no less than 9-12 months in advance of your lease expiration date or renewal notification period. Whether you’re planning to renew or considering a relocation, don’t put yourself at a disadvantage by starting the process too late. Keep yourself in the driver’s seat!

Know your space requirements – Perhaps your business has changed since your last lease. Do you need additional loading docks, trailer parking or office space? Carefully evaluate the needs of your business and ensure you’re looking for what your business actually needs.

Be informed – Enlist a tenant representative agent to help you through the process. Leverage the expertise and market knowledge of a local expert to ensure you’re getting a fair deal that is in-line with current market conditions.

Hire Lee & Associates – As your tenant representative broker, We represent your interests in negotiations with your landlord. Our team will help streamline the process and, in the end, will save your business effort, time and money.

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