In the mid-Atlantic and other regions throughout the United States, owning land is power. When you purchase property, you gain the freedom to increase your earnings and expand your business. Work with an experienced brokerage team that will help you find the best plot for your needs and budget to make the most of your land investment.

At Lee & Associates of Eastern Pennsylvania LLC, we connect buyers with commercial land for sale or lease in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and beyond. With years of industry experience, we have the knowledge to help any investor acquire valuable properties that meet their needs and budget.

Types of Land

Before purchasing or leasing commercial land, it’s crucial to recognize that different types of land serve distinct purposes. By understanding the differences, you’ll make the best purchase possible and avoid misusing capital on land that doesn’t accommodate your intentions. You’ll also plan your investment with a greater awareness of market patterns that will influence a property’s value in the future.

  • Agricultural: Agricultural land consists of fields in areas of sparse population or building density. These fields — including farms, ranches, pastures and orchards — produce crops for food and fiber, as well as livestock. Agricultural land is vital to a functioning society and a lucrative component of the commercial industry.
  • Residential: Residential land refers to plots that contain housing properties from mobile homes to apartment complexes or single-family houses. Valuable residential land is convenient, accessible and within a moderate range of amenities like city water sources, schools or commerce.
  • Commercial: Commercial land consists primarily of warehouses, office spaces, shops, restaurants and other places of business. These properties are essential parts of a thriving economy. Purchasing commercial land allows property owners to engage in a mutually beneficial relationship with the organizations leasing their space.
  • Recreational: Spaces that contain parks, athletic fields, playgrounds, swimming pools or other open public lots are recreational properties. These plots are often within the boundaries of cities or townships to allow easy access to anyone in the community. While recreational land is nonessential, it makes a fantastic selling point for visitors and permanent residents.
  • Transport: Thriving communities require secure access to roads, train stations, airports, subways or other means of getting from place to place. Transport land houses these structures in a way that general traffic and maintenance crews can access easily.

Commercial Zoning Services

Local governments institute zoning regulations to mandate the eligible geographical areas for certain types of property. Zoning ordinances cover factors like location, structure height, parking availability, and water retention. Looking for a commercial space involves extensive research into relevant zoning regulations and properties that meet them. With a dependable representative on your side, your business can navigate the process with confidence.

The team at Lee & Associates of Eastern Pennsylvania LLC is here to help buyers find the best land for their intended use. We’ll do the research and gather information on plots of land near your desired location. Our team also verifies whether the land is within the appropriate zone. You’ll receive detailed reports covering any potential properties within your preferred area and budget.

We’ll work closely with you to ensure you understand all zoning requirements and relevant analytics. This attention to detail gives you all the information you need to make the best decision for your business.

With our firm as your representatives, you’ll save time and money finding the best land for your business. We’ll locate eligible properties that are ready for your intended use so you can avoid the costly rezoning process. Contact an agent to learn about properties and commercial zoning laws in your area.

Our Land Locations

At Lee & Associates, we offer brokerage services that allow investors to find competitive land rates that cater to their goals. Our team operates in many regions, from central PA and Lehigh Valley to southern New Jersey and Delaware. To find commercial land for lease or sale in your area, browse our current listings online.


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