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Are you looking for office buildings for sale or office spaces available for leasing? If your organization needs a new office, you want an experienced and knowledgeable real estate broker to help you navigate this critical choice.

Lee & Associates offers many commercial office options to help your company achieve greater success. We have assisted numerous clients like you with finding locations and properties that check all their boxes. We use our far-reaching contacts in the industry and expertise in the local market to discover the perfect places, sometimes even before they become widely available to others on the market.

With a reach extending across the United States and throughout Canada, Lee & Associates is a proven name you will enjoy partnering with as you search for office space.


Office Building Classes

There are three different office space categories, which are divided based on location, amenities, design, cost and the building’s history.

  • Class A: Class A spaces offer the most significant benefits, with flexible floor plans and on-site amenities such as a front desk in the lobby. These properties are located in the best areas, and the buildings often feature attractive designs or extensive renovations.
  • Class B: Class B offices are modern and well-kept. They can support most businesses and have lower costs for leases or sales.
  • Class C: Class C buildings may be in a less desirable area or need renovations. These properties can attract someone looking for a low start-up cost or redevelopment opportunity.


Evaluating an Office Property

When you begin searching for office space for sale or lease, location is a critical factor. You also need to consider the price, size and infrastructure of the property. Ask a lot of questions, such as if you’ll share space with another business in the building or if the property has a meeting room. Can you afford to put down the required deposit for a lease or down payment for a purchase? Other things to consider include:

  • The property’s curb appeal.
  • Local market trends.
  • The potential return on investment.
  • The building’s technology.


Property Locations

Whether you are looking for office properties for sale or lease from Hagerstown, MD to NEPA, from Harrisburg to Southern New Jersey, we can help you find the right space in eastern Pennsylvania. We sell or lease corporate-owned real estate in a range of locations, including:

  • Central Pennsylvania.
  • Lehigh Valley
  • Northeastern Pennsylvania
  • Suburban Philadelphia
  • Southern New Jersey.
  • Delaware.


Begin Your Search for Office Properties for Sale and Lease in PA Today

Moving into the right office space can increase your company’s productivity and boost employee morale. Don’t wait another day to start looking for the right office space for sale in Pennsylvania.

The team at Lee & Associates can help you find business parks, small office spaces and buildings for sale. You can trust us to provide exceptional service throughout your search. As North America’s largest broker-owned firm, we have offered seamless, consistent execution for our clients for more than four decades, giving them the value-driven, market-to-market services they demand.

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