Your business is growing, and you need a new space. With a decision as complicated as this, it’s no secret that there are many factors to consider when finding the right property or building for your needs. Lee & Associates Greenville / Spartanburg offers commercial real estate services to navigate this decision with you.

We asked a panel of our brokers to share their top tips that lead to a successful move for business owners and decision makers.

Whether you’re currently based in the Upstate or a newcomer; whether you’re looking to move your operations or open a new location; you can count on your Lee & Associates professional to have the experience, knowledge and resources needed to meet the unique challenges of your transaction and ensure that you make the most informed decision possible.


There are multiple impact factors that go into the decision making for office tenants when selecting a new location in the Upstate. One of the most important factors is Location, location, location. I know we hear this all the time but that’s because its true. How far they are from their workforce, clients, and services and how will a move impact the work/life balance of their employees make geographic location critical.

Growth potential is also a large factor; businesses need to know they have the flexibility to grow in their location to best serve their business model. I also have to say that security is becoming a larger factor than it has been in the past. Business owners are very conscious of the need to create safe work environments.

And ultimately cost; does it make financial sense for our long-term plans to make a move.


When a retail business looking to lease is considering moving to or opening another location in the Upstate, SC area, I think it could prove a good exercise for that business to focus on a growing submarket in order to find more attractive deals and a potentially undervalued rental rate.

If a Tenant, for example, is planning to sign a long-term lease, I think it is wise for them to analyze growing markets that have high levels of projected population increases and housing close to or directly in the target submarket. If that Tenant can find a location in a submarket that has not yet fully matured (in comparison to more developed submarkets in the Upstate) but is in a path of progress and development, they might be able to find a location with a more undervalued rent in the long run, benefiting from increased demand for their product through population increases and a lower pre-negotiated rental rate vs. what it could be in the future. There are obviously other very important variables for a Tenant to consider depending on their business and who they are targeting for their potential clientele.


Upstate, SC has grown into a highly competitive real estate market over the last five years. Properties for lease have multiple companies competing for spaces; some properties are leasing before even going on the market.

It is more important than ever that Tenants review their current lease agreement to be aware of renewal options and notice periods. Prenegotiatied renewal options, in most cases, are going to be much lower than the current market rent. If your company does not have a renewal option, be prepared for a rental increase or consider other options. It is best to consult with your real estate professional well in advance of notice periods to determine your renewal options and to help negotiate your next lease commitment.


If you’re ready to make the move, reach out to one of our experts.