What are our clients saying about us?

Chosen Above the Other “Best Brokers”

We chose you… after having interviewed each of the 'best' brokers at each of the major real estate brokerage firms... Having completed the process, we now know what we then believed to be true -- and the proof is in the unbelievable results you produced and the professional manner in which you produced them. Honestly and diligently, and with particular attention to what we were looking for. At every step of the way, you understood what was going on in the market, you represented our interests as if they were your own, and you handled the inevitable bumps in the road successfully and professionally.

- Robert Gura, Owner | Gura Properties -

Produced Multiple Offers

“[They] were selected based on the accuracy of their valuation, their local rolodex, and their enthusiasm for the assignment... [They] produced upwards of 60 confidentiality agreements and 19 offers. The transaction was beleaguered due to a combination of issues [yet they] remained focused and dedicated… delivered what they promised, and went the extra mile to get the deal closed.”

- Lauren Graham, Vice President | JP Morgan Asset Management -

Wise & Creative Problem Solvers

“Upon the first of several visits to my home it became apparent that above all, I would very much enjoy working with [you], and that the level of professionalism and commitment to building a long term relationship through the excellence of [your] service was truly outstanding. [You were] wise and well experienced in all matters of Real Estate transactions. … had the ability to suggest solutions to the most difficult and challenging of problems…  the ability to uncover benefits to both sellers and buyers, which others miss. Finally and very important, [you] bring an uncompromising degree of honesty and transparency in all matters, that is beyond compare. This has been a relief that kept my stresses in going through the transaction to a welcome minimum.”

- Dr. Richard Keller | Owner -

Above & Beyond the Call of Duty

“[They] demonstrated several characteristics that I find not only important, but unfortunately rare these days: Integrity, Competence and Diligence. I am a very busy person, and it was important to me to be represented by people who do what they say they are going to do and do it well. They repeatedly throughout the transaction went over and beyond the normal scope of duties as brokers, and were willing to do whatever it took to make sure the interests of the parties involved were preserved, always seeking 'win-win' resolutions to the various issues that arose. I can confidently recommend their services to anyone seeking good old-fashioned honest brokers!

- Greg Campbell, Senior Managing Director of Acquisitions & Dispositions | TruAmerica Multifamily -

People AND Paper Skills

“In all my years as an apartment building owner, it is not often that I come across… that rare combination of people skills, high intellect, ethics, patience, and a humble nature that is well suited to deal with various personalities in intricate real estate transactions... There is no question that [they] stood out in the data, not just for the consistent volume of sales over several years, but for the geographic breadth of listings as well as the dollar size of transactions...”

- Bradley E. Kraemer, Owner | Calbek Management -

Ethics Above Reproach

Helpful, responsive, informative and extremely knowledgeable, I recommend [them] without hesitation.
Their experience and background are invaluable... Their ethical standards are above reproach.”

- John A. Moe II, Esq., Partner | Denton -

Strong Dedication & Attention

“A positive relationship with my clients is of utmost importance to me and to the success and reputation of our company. [They] demonstrated incredible initiative and a strong dedication to ensure my clients receive the same care and attention that I would give them. I would highly recommend these gentlemen to anyone who needs real estate expertise.”

- Cindy Gray, President and Partner | Moss & Company -

The Smoothest Deal Ever

“I don't usually write thank you letters, but I must tell you that... not only did [these deals] significantly increase my cash flow and get me into a much larger property, but they went more smoothly and successfully than any past deal I've done with other brokers.  Unlike all previous brokers I've dealt with, I could talk to you one-on-one anytime with any question. You were attentive to my needs and especially watchful of all the 'small stuff' that can hamper a deal…You were extremely knowledgeable on the area I was buying in, and you conveyed the terminology and salient points in straightforward language...Throughout the entire process, you showed yourself to truly be a first-class broker.”

- Brian Dror, Partner | Barak, Richter & Dror, CPAs -

Level of Service Above the Rest

“We have bought and sold many buildings over our 21 years in the business. I just wish that [they] had been there for us in the past to represent us. We have learned the hard way the difference between brokers. Most of them do not offer the same level of service that [they do].”

- Barry Wallman, Owner | RTG Investments Inc. -

Genuine Concern for My Best Interests

“Both [of our] sales were complicated by personal and legal entanglements that would have been much more difficult to maneuver without [their] kindness, sensitivity and genuine concern for the well-being of all parties involved... [They] consistently display a high degree of professionalism, knowledge and common sense…  I recommend [them] to anyone looking for [agents] who can bring business savvy and humanity to the table.”

- Martin Bedoian | Robert Scott Brown Estate -

Created Win-Win's

“I would happily recommend Warren and his team to anyone looking to buy or sell assets... They went above and beyond the call of duty to get the transaction done and created a win/win transaction for both buyer and seller. The deal was done during a period of rapidly rising interest rates along with several physical issues at the property level. Warren and his team kept both buyer and seller engaged and friendly through very complicated issues.”

- Alec Schiffer, Managing Director | Trammel Crow Residential -