Searching for a new building, negotiating a lease or purchase for said new building, closing the escrow or signing the lease, navigating through the city ordinances, getting phones, internet, and racking installed, AND meshing a move out of your current location and a move in of the new spot can be quite challenging – especially if there are some pressures at either end of the transaction.

Specifically, there is a bank with an outstretched hand – demanding a loan be repaid by a certain date – or they will foreclose. Or, there is a lease expiration looming which requires you to vacate your business home – and the owner of the building has sold or leased it to a new occupant. How about a property that has been acquired by an agency such as Cal Trans? – your structure will be demolished in order to widen a freeway.

Complicating matters is an objective by occupants to avoid a double payment. Who wants to pay for two buildings at the same time when your operation can only occupy one? Very few, indeed!

So what is a mother to do when confronted with these challenges? Indulge me as I make a few suggestions.

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An original post on on November 4, 2016 written by Lee & Associates’ Allen Buchanan in Location Advice – California Businesses