Lee & Associates has the knowledge and expertise to guide you to excellent capital markets investment opportunities in the northeast region and beyond. As part of North America’s largest broker-owned firm, we can draw on our unique experience and tap into insights that other commercial brokers lack.

Successfully underwriting an investment property depends on how well you understand the occupier market dynamics. That’s one of our core strengths. Every one of our offices includes brokers who are local specialists. They use their hands-on skills and draw on a comprehensive suite of analytical tools to assist you in your commercial real estate assets transactions. Whether you want to buy or sell property, we can help you when the time is right.


Capital Markets Investment Opportunities

The tri-state region of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware includes fantastic opportunities for capital markets investments in commercial real estate. Industrial and office spaces for sale are in high demand, and the port in Philadelphia makes it a hub for warehouses and transportation. International airports across the region also raise the value of commercial real estate.

Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware all have substantial manufacturing and technology sections with an abundant and well-educated workforce. We keep abreast of developments within different sectors, gauging how they will impact the commercial real estate industry. With reasonable costs and the opportunity for impressive, reliable cash flow, the tri-state investment market of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware should remain healthy for a long time to come.


Why Work With Us on a Capital Markets Project?

We have an extensive understanding of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware commercial property investment opportunities that can help you make smart decisions wherever you are in the investment life cycle. We can sell raw land, single-user income-producing properties and multi-tenant capital markets investment properties. We take a personalized approach to every transaction — you’re never a number on a page when you work with us.

When you need to sell, we carefully market your properties to highlight their many benefits. Our team wants to help you achieve your transactional goals, and we understand how to communicate the most attractive qualities of your property to make it an asset to the next buyer. We can represent any buyer or seller involved in real estate capital markets, including:

  • Private investors.
  • Institutional firms.
  • Developers.
  • Real estate investment trusts.
  • Private equity funds.


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We thrive on finding outstanding real estate capital markets opportunities that other firms may overlook due to lack of knowledge or market awareness. You can enjoy the most significant long-term success when you work with Lee & Associates of Eastern Pennsylvania LLC on your investment sales.

As one of the top real estate capital markets firms in the country, we can help you find the right property for investment and feel confident in your choice. For assistance throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, contact us today.

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