The internet has pushed the industry to evolve, and smart retailers are taking advantage. Retail has a new purpose. The space is not necessarily used for transactions, it is used for an experience that is not available online. Customers want to get to know the brand, interact with products, get personal recommendations and feel a part of something. Brick and mortar locations and e-commerce sites must work together to create an all-encompassing retail experience. It is opening up exciting possibilities, and Lee & Associates Retail Advisors are here to lead you into the future.

Our retail systems enable us to provide the most thorough market surveys and comparables, and our in-house research experts track market trends and translate statistical data into market insight so we are ahead of the curve. We study demographics, consumer spending patterns, traffic flow, transportation and access, and how each impact and influences consumers and a customer base. We understand which brands fit which neighborhoods and how to position retailers to best support owner and developer objectives.

Lee & Associates of Eastern Pennsylvania LLC is a leading commercial real estate brokerage offering many retail buildings and suites for purchase or lease across Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and southern New Jersey.

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Steps for Buying a Commercial Real Estate Property

The first step in buying a commercial real estate property is determining your motivations. Are you buying the property for your own business? Or are you interested in purchasing a building that will provide long-term investment benefits? If you are buying for yourself, do you want to rent space to other tenants, or would you prefer to be the only business in the space?

Once you have answered those questions, you can secure financing. Reach out to multiple lenders to find the best interest rate.

Next, you need to partner with the right team to find the property that meets your requirements. Lee & Associates has brokers located throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Beyond. We will lead you through a property search to find the right place, taking in critical factors such as:



  1. Market research
  2. Expansion planning
  3. Space surveys
  4. Building evaluations
  5. Guidance on permitting
  6. Construction management
  7. Lease negotiations
  8. Lease audits
  9. Acquisition / Disposition



  1. High-level space planning on new projects and repositionings
  2. Marketing strategy
  3. Targeted tenant outreach
  4. Financial modeling
  5. Lease negotiations
  6. Representation on renewals / expansions

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Through it all, we deliver our services with a personal approach that emphasizes relationship over process. Although we have the vast resources of a large national brokerage firm, we do not operate like a corporate machine where, once clients are signed, they are tossed into a big pool, with junior brokers doing all the work. Our Lee & Associates Retail Advisors takes personal responsibility for every client – from taking calls, participating in meetings, showing space, and executing all of the work.


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Lee & Associates has more than four decades of experience assisting companies with their commercial real estate needs. We are the largest broker-owned firm in North America and act as a partner and advisor during our transactions. Whether you’re searching for a shopping center for sale in Delaware or retail space for properties for lease in Philadelphia, PA or southern New Jersey, we can help.

Our team has the contacts, knowledge and desire to help you find a new retail location where your business will thrive. Our team will contribute to your venture’s success by providing everything you need, from lease negotiations or audits to guidance on permitting. Let us help you find a big or small retail space for rent or sale in Pennsylvania, Delaware or New Jersey. Get in touch today to begin.

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