Mr. Hollan’s expertise on the Atlanta land market has enabled him to remain one of the top land brokers among his colleagues. His vision and research are the two main components that help him locate large parcels of land to develop into the next community or mixed-use development. He locates land at market prices and helps achieve all the necessary entitlements (zoning, utilities, land use plan, etc.) for future residential communities. Mr. Hollan continues to work with several banks throughout the Southeast to evaluate all land holdings and determine the most qualified purchasers to assist the financial institute’s disposition of assets.

Hollan has consistently remained one of the top 5 producers with companies such as Goodman-Segar and Advantis GVA, for Bryant Commercial Real Estate Partners as well as Lee & Associates. In addition, in 1998 and 2005 the Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors acknowledged Hollan as the number one Land Broker for total volume in Atlanta.

Phone: 404.442.2821

Cell: 404.317.8723

Fax: 404.442.2811


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