Mid-Year 2020 Atlanta Industrial Pipeline

The first half of 2020 has been anything but ordinary. The coronavirus pandemic resulted in the entire globe seeking some level of “shelter in place” except for essential businesses; those people who continued to work instituted precautionary measures to diminish the spread of the virus. As of this report’s date, there are over 570,250 global deaths from COVID-19, with over 135,250 in the United States. The silver lining to all these disruptions is that the industrial market has remained mostly unscathed. E-commerce has realized over five years of projected growth in only a few months. Amazon is leasing 1 MSF distribution centers faster than toilet paper disappeared from the store shelves. Q2 in Atlanta finished up with over 3 MSF of positive absorption. Several other large leases were signed in Q2 that will occupy in Q3, almost assuring another positive quarter of absorption. Industrial has weathered the storm and come out on top as the leading real estate sector.

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