Introducing Lee & Associates – Atlanta’s Junior Associate Program

We are excited to announce an important update at Lee & Associates—Atlanta: our Research Associate Program has been renamed the Junior Associate Program. This new title better reflects the comprehensive nature of the training and the goals of the program.

The Junior Associate Program is a ±12-month immersion into the world of commercial real estate. Participants gain hands-on experience in various facets of the industry, from conducting market studies and reviewing contracts to engaging in property tours, cold calling, business development, and client care. Our program is designed to equip each Junior Associate with the tools necessary to excel as successful commercial real estate agents.

The ideal candidate for this opportunity is someone with 1-3 years of previous Real Estate and/or sales experience, is entrepreneurial by nature and has a desire to build a career in commercial real estate. 

For those interested in learning more about what the Junior Associate Program has to offer, we've created an informative video detailing the curriculum and experiences of our Junior Associates. We encourage you to watch this video to gain a deeper understanding of how the program can kickstart a promising career in commercial real estate. Watch the video here or click below.

To apply visit the link here or below.