Lee & Associates Boston Team Featured in BISNOW Article, Density Concerns Have Lab Tenants Looking Beyond Kendall Square

Eric Solem, Robert Elmer and Ty Janney, managing principles of Lee & Associates Boston, are featured in the June 9th BISNOW article, Density Concerns Have Lab Tenants Looking Beyond Kendall Square. Written by Benjamin Paltiel, custom content writer for BISNOW, the article focuses on the demand for laboratory space, specifically in Cambridge’s Kendall Square, and how the pandemic has companies considering less dense areas outside of Boston.

Density Concerns Have Lab Tenants Looking Beyond Kendall Square


For years, the biggest names in life sciences, pharmaceuticals and robotics have crowded into Cambridge’s Kendall Square, vying for talent and paying handsomely for laboratory space in the heart of a world-renowned research hub barely a quarter of a square mile in area.

But in the age of a pandemic, the density that has always been part of Kendall’s appeal is now looking more like a liability.

With businesses still shut down throughout Cambridge’s central business district, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urging people not to use public transit, tenants have been broadening their search for lab space to other Boston neighborhoods and the surrounding suburbs.

“The main hurdle of moving to Kendall has always been price,” said Robert Elmer, a managing principal at Lee & Associates Boston, which represents lab tenants in biotechnology, robotics, manufacturing, electronics and software. “Now there’s another consideration, which is the density of that market and the difficulty of the new normal.”


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