PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - Cleveland | Lee & Associates

We provide commercial management services for a variety of property types.  Whether your building provides a home to your company or is part of an investment portfolio, a poorly managed building will make even the most promising asset fail to meet owner expectations.  Lee Cleveland Property Management will help your property live up to its full potential.
Lee Cleveland Property Management’s team has first-hand experience with the issues and opportunities in commercial properties. We understand the economic environment and are well-equipped to maintain and enhance the value of each property we manage.  Client satisfaction, tenant retention and safety are top priorities.
Procuring tenants and maintaining their satisfaction are the foundation of a successful building. Our specialty is managing your commercial assets to maximize bottom line profits, keep tenants, and minimize your investment risk.
Whether your property is Class "A" or Class "C", large or small, we can handle it. We recognize that different types of properties need to be managed in different ways.  Each commercial property can and should be managed in a way that maximizes the properties potential, holds to the owner's standard in terms of care and maintenance, and gets the appropriate attention in all aspects of property management including billing, maintenance, tenant negotiations, vendor relations, security, collections, follow-up and service. 
We welcome the opportunity to become your Cleveland Commercial Property Management Company.  Please feel free to contact us today with any real estate requirements, questions or comments.

Our Services Include:

  • At the onset of any assignment, Lee Cleveland Property Management will assess the property and determine and identify which maintenance issues need to be addressed immediately and which maintenance issues can be dealt with over time.

  • After the property has been assessed and different immediate and long term maintenance issues have been identified, we will create a long term maintenance plan for the property. The Owner and Manager will create a clear understanding of what near and long term management issues the property may have and budget/plan for solutions to be implemented. By budgeting for these issues, the asset will be well positioned to retain its value.
  • Responsible for the collection of all rents and other charges payable by tenants to the Owner and the collection of all other revenue from the Property. This includes any invoicing and any meter reading or utility reimbursement billing.

  • Pay all expenditures incurred by or on behalf of the Owner for the operation and maintenance of the Property.

  • Responsible for the prosecution, through the Owner’s attorney and at the Owner’s direction and expense, of any and all legal proceedings for the recovery of monies due or for possession of the Property (or any portion thereof) and to settle, compromise and adjust suits, claims, and disputes arising out of any tenant default, subject, however, to the Owner’s reasonable consent.

  • Make any mortgage payments and payments of real estate taxes and assessments on or before the due dates.

  • Provide the Owner with Income and Expense statements on either a Monthly or Quarterly basis.
  • Lee & Associates will perform on all obligations of Owner under leases for the Property including but not limited to:

    1. Making alterations and repairs as are necessary for the preservation of the Property or in accordance with the Owner’s direction.

    2. Operate the common areas of the Property as required by leases and directed by the Owner.

    3. Any management task as may be necessary and required for the ordinary day to day operation of the building on behalf of the Owner.

    4. Oversee and supervise any maintenance staff for the building. We can provide our own maintenance staff or use the existing maintenance staff.

Lease administration is an essential component of commercial property management.  We provide hands on supervision to assure that proper care and attention is given to all of the Owner’s lease obligations with tenants.  This includes all provisions of the leases for both new and existing tenants. 


We operate buildings in a manner which protects the asset’s value and keeps the property in a safe condition.  For each property we manage, we do the following:

  • Secure contracts for security and fire alarm systems
  • Contract for sprinkler system maintenance
  • Contract for landscaping
  • Contract for rubbish removal
  • Contract for snow removal
  • Contract for elevator maintenance
  • Maintain HVAC systems
  • Maintain electrical systems
  • Inspect and properly maintain the roof
  • Provide building cleaning
  • Create an annual budget
  • Create capital projection reports