Top Considerations in Site Selection Via LeeMail

Thinking about relocating your business? Here are a few things you should consider when selecting a site.

Accessibility: “Location, Location, Location” Access roads; Can they support the volume of traffic your business needs or will off-site improvements be required? Also, toll roads can add cost to your employees & freight.

Labor: Unemployment is reaching historic lows. That means tight competition, wage pressure and supply constraints. Consider the labor story when choosing your location.

Utilities: Are public utilities in place? The cost to bring services to a site may be significant or even prohibitive. Alternatives like well and septic systems or propane may need to be considered.

Site Conditions:
Sitework can be the biggest variable in overall project costs. Sites that balance cut and fill are preferable. An experienced site contractor can be invaluable in projecting an adequate rock contingency.

Zoning: You’ve verified that your proposed use is permitted, but what about accessory uses? And while you’re at it, confirm that there aren’t any planned or proposed zoning amendments that may affect your business. Don’t forget to identify the proposed use in the purchase and sale agreements.

Local Amenities: This may not drive location decisions but should not be dismissed either. Having quality eating, lodging, and entertainment options near a site will help employee morale.

Housing: Affordable housing options are crucial in attracting and retaining labor. If employees cannot find affordable options expect to see this reflected in wages.

Interested in the possibility site selection or have questions about the process? Contact an agent today!

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