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“We needed a reliable company to assist in determining what needed to be done in the building to make the three unleased office suites more attractive to potential tenants in a highly competitive market. Once that was completed we needed to fill the spaces with satisfied tenants. The company serving as the leasing agent before Lee and Associates was never able to generate any energy, and in fact the space wasn’t shown at all for an extended period of time. The space was vacant for over a year with little or no activity. When we made the switch to Lee and Associates and Chase ended up as our leasing agent there was immediate activity and interest generated. I think that is a tribute to your commitment to the work and to our need. Within the first few months of the relationship more activity was generated than the entire time the other company tried to lease the spaces. The result has been that the building is fully leased now and the tenants appear happy in the environment. How you were able to accomplish that feat is unclear but one thing that most likely impacts it is that your approach to working with potential tenants seems supportive and clear and appears to be more focused on helping clients work through the possibilities of meeting their needs than pushing to close the deal. My impression is that you allow prospects enough space and time to arrive at conclusions that work for them while still encouraging them to work it though in a timely way. I think your ability to remain on task while at the same time not pushing clients to the point of discomfort is a significant factor in your successful leasing effort for us. I appreciated how easy it has been to work with you over the process. You ask questions to gain clarity, provide consultation where indicated and seemed to feel comfortable with a give and take type of relationship. Overall my sense of the experience has been very positive and if other vacancies occur you will definitely be the first person to be called."