The personal preferences of both current and future employees are challenging, but essential aspects of running a successful business. The quality of work and the level of employee morale will increase significantly if your workers are satisfied and enjoy coming to work each day.

Several factors need to be considered when selecting a location. Some of the more frequently mentioned factors job seekers consider are proximity to home, proximity to public transportation, convenience and affordability of local parking, availability and affordability of nearby housing, access to quality schools, and local restaurants or bars. Depending on where the business is established, several other factors might be important for their employees. Employers often try to check as many of these boxes as possible during the selection process.

  1. Public Transportation

In cities and large towns, public transportation is often a major factor for those seeking a job. Business owners need to consider their location based on the nearest train station or bus stop. Employees are more likely to consider living further away from the office if they are able to access whichever public transportation option delivers them closest to your place of business. In turn, your potential pool of employees will expand throughout the greater local area.

  1. Local Housing and Parking

In areas that may not offer convenient public transportation options, employers should consider factors such as convenient parking and nearby housing options. Job seekers will be factoring in travel time and parking time and expense if they are required to drive themselves to the office. Selecting a location relatively close to residential sections of the town or city with the abundant real estate for purchase or rent will help your business stand out. Choosing a location that is also close to inexpensive and convenient parking options will alleviate potential employee concerns about having to drive around every morning looking for a place to leave their vehicle.

  1. Local Eateries and Shops

Available local restaurants and shopping options are other popular considerations. Employees like the idea of being able to take a quick lunch outside of the office or possibly getting some quick shopping done during a lunch break. Maximizing the number of choices for each would be very beneficial to a business owner as it would likely result in increased employee morale.

  1. Schools

Being near good school district opens a New Window.s is important to employees. Fact is, young families need to work close to their children’s schools. As these workers will shop for homes located in good districts, they will also conduct their job search based on proximity to schools that offer higher-quality education and programs.

As was mentioned earlier, many other factors may be of equal or greater importance depending on the location (state, city, or town) in which the business is located. The local market research will help business owners understand which factors are the most important to their potential employees in that specific area.

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by Staff Writer, Lee & Associates Orange