The healthcare industry grows at a remarkable rate, making medical office real estate a top industry sector. Medical office buildings feature design elements that are specifically useful for improving patients’ results and experiences.

Health organizations or investors looking for competitive rates on medical office buildings for sale in Pennsylvania can count on Lee & Associates of Eastern Pennsylvania for dependable brokerage and acquisition services. With over 40 years of experience in central PA and beyond, the Lee & Associates team is here to help find a facility that allows healthcare workers to provide the best care.


Medical Office Building With Amenities

For a medical office building to be the most effective — and therefore, the most valuable — it must feature certain design principles conducive to quality healthcare. A building with several high-demand amenities will draw more patients and sustain long-term success.

Exterior Amenities

These exterior features are qualities or items along the outside of the building or elsewhere in the property’s vicinity:

  • Visibility: Facilities that catch people’s attention are more convenient for new patients and maintaining regular visits.
  • Accessibility: Medical offices require wheelchair ramps, cut curbs, tactile paving and other features that enable disabled patients to access the facility.
  • Signage: Especially for large or multi-building medical offices, visible signage will improve your patients’ experiences by streamlining navigation.
  • Parking: Medical facilities see high volumes of patients every day and need enough parking to meet demand during the busiest hours.

Interior Amenities

These characteristics are features inside the facility that allow healthcare providers to provide adequate services.

  • Open interior spaces: Medical practitioners require space to move large equipment or safely transfer patients from room to room.
  • Modern technology: Taking over an existing practice with up-to-date conveniences allows providers to get right to work with the best results.
  • Flexibility: The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, so medical offices feature design choices that can adapt to recent and future changes.


Leasing Medical Office Space — Things to Consider

When leasing medical office space, there are a few things to consider that will ensure you maximize your ability to provide effective care and run a profitable healthcare practice.

  • Buying versus leasing: Consider buying if your patient base will come to you for regular care for the next 10 to 15 years or longer. Choosing a lease is the safest option, offering security in case of financial turmoil with low early year rates. To determine the best choice for your company, pursue accounting services from Lee & Associates.
  • Proximity to competitors: Your organization may want to find a location distant from competitors. In some cases, it’s beneficial for primary care providers to find medical office buildings for sale near specialty care providers and vice versa to capitalize on existing patient traffic.
  • Amenities: Properties with existing medical office infrastructure enable businesses to save on renovations and open to the public faster.


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