Brokerage Services

Engaging the services of a qualified real estate professional is critical to the completion of a successful transaction whether it involves the acquisition, disposition or leasing of commercial property. Your representative should be a product specialist and a local market expert with a comprehensive understanding of current market conditions and trend lines. You can count on your Lee & Associates professional to have the experience, knowledge and resources needed to meet the unique challenges of your transaction, and ensure that you make the most informed decision possible.


Our Lee & Associates professionals are a critical component of our integrated commercial real estate services platform. Whether they are managing the day-to-operation of your property or acting in a construction or development management role, our experienced management professionals pursue one simple goal: add value to your property through the diligent delivery of superior management services. Lee & Associates managers see themselves as surrogate owners, paying attention to every detail and using every tool and resource at our disposal to optimize your property’s performance. As part of a firm with such deep roots in commercial brokerage, we have access to real-time market information that will help you in manage today’s rent roll and develop a prudent long-term strategy for your property.

Effective communication is vital in the real estate business. Whether it's closing the sale of a multi-million dollar investment property or managing a local tenant improvement project, success hinges on the speed of communication and on efficient and effective implementation. By providing our clients with professional, integrated services, spanning multiple business lines, we ensure the seamless delivery of accurate information. This full-service approach consistently delivers results by increasing value and minimizing risk. Our integrated services model, commitment to growth through technology, and our team of knowledgeable and experienced real estate advisors are the foundations of our success. These are just a few of the reasons why Lee & Associates has been one of the most reputable and sought after commercial real estate firms in North America. We don’t just promise successful results, we deliver them!

Property Management

Focused on driving value in each building, our property managers work to minimize operating costs, maximize efficiency and tenant services, and protect the value of each asset. Our professionals are fully dedicated to providing superior solutions to satisfy both tenant and owner return on investment.

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Client Accounting

While there are tried-and-true principles of commercial property management, we understand that every client has individual needs and certain operational procedures that must be incorporated into our process.

Lee & Associates’ institutional grade Sarbanes-Oxley compliant accounting procedures adhere to the highest standards of transparency, timeliness, and accuracy. We utilize industry-leading accounting platforms such as MRI X and Yardi; and our efficient and secure transparent invoice-processing platforms include PayScan and AvidXchange. Our customized monthly reporting packages include budget-to-actual variance analysis, updated rent rolls, aging detail reports, balance sheet and depreciation schedules, and bank reconciliation reports.

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Contract & Vendor Management

Through competitive bidding and scale of our management portfolio, we negotiate contracts with local, pre-approved vendors that drive down costs and ensure quality. Vendors are treated as valued members of our team and their experience ensures each property receives the best possible service.

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Lease Compliance & Administration

Our property managers are well versed in lease language and administration to ensure provisions of each lease are followed carefully, notices are served promptly, and costs are allocated correctly.

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Construction Management
Utilizing extensive project management experience through a broad range of construction types, single point of contact construction managers oversee all phases of the process from project planning, scope generation, and bid comparison to coordination and execution of work. Longstanding relationships with qualified contractors ensure vendors operate in a safe, secure, and professional manner to keep projects on schedule and within budget, while certifying quality of product.
Lee & Associates understands the critical nature of transitioning property management responsibilities. Detailed transition plans are developed to provide a seamless conversion of new assets into our property management platform.
Engineering Services
Lee & Associates’ consistent engineering and operations approach mitigates risk and liability across all client portfolios. Comprehensive execution of building operations reduces operating costs, improves responsiveness, extends building system life and enhances facility reliability.

"The success of our business is predicated on the success of our clients. At Lee & Associates, we take pride in being students of the commercial real estate industry. We collaborate with our clients and our peers. We implement the best marketing campaigns, extensively research the market, and we utilize state of the art technology. We work diligently to minimize our clients’ risk in real estate investment. We provide integrated commercial real estate services, ensuring our clients achieve the highest possible returns."

- John Rickert, Director of Integrated Services
Principal and Executive Managing Director at Lee & Associates Cincinnati


An effective way to assess the quality and services the Lee & Associates Integrated Services division is to look at the caliber of our clients and the nature and volume of our experience. In serving such established clients, we have delivered on our promise to create, optimize, and protect value. For this reason, the Lee & Associates has enjoyed a 40+ year working relationship with institutional clients like those referenced below and has consistently been rewarded with an exceptional rate of repeat business.