Lee Multifamily Advisory Group

Top-Ranked Multifamily Veterans. Results that Speak for Themselves.
Service that Speaks for You.

What differentiates us from other multifamily brokerage groups?  It’s the phrase our clients use most to describe us: “higher caliber.” So what does a higher caliber of representation look like?

  • An exclusive focus on the multifamily sphere, with agents who are award-winning multifamily veterans.
  • A more personalized, results-driven experience clients praise as “always going the extra mile,” “hands-on,” and “innovative problem-solvers who get deals done.”
  • Full-service investment and advisory services.
  • Aggressive representation for the highest asset price.
  • A track record that speaks for itself, with $10+ Billion in sales and over 1 Million units sold.

Lee’s Multifamily Advisory Group is a top-ranked, highly skilled leader in the multifamily investments marketplace.  Wherever you are, we have local multifamily specialists with intimate market knowledge, along with the reach of a nationwide platform and a tremendous network of resources and relationships to deliver the results you demand.  From small and mid-size complexes to some of the largest multifamily developments in the nation, we’ve done it all.

Of our over 10,000 clients, many have developed lifelong relationships with us because of this next-level commitment, service and performance.

What would a higher caliber of representation look like for you?

Nationally Recognized & Award-Winning

Ranked #2 Firm Nationally

Top Trusted Brokers

Tomorrow’s Leaders Award


Over $10 BILLION

1 Million+



"They worked tirelessly to underwrite and market the asset and delivered pricing outside the most optimistic range provided by numerous investment brokers…. Integrity, ability, extraordinary patience and professionalism…
We could not be happier with the results.”

- Scott Cronister, COO, ORIX Capital Markets LLC -