Law Firms Do It. Why Not a Commercial Real Estate Firm?

For those who passed the Bar Exam, it’s a foregone conclusion. If a lawyer works hard enough, is a team player, and brings in their share of business, he’ll make Partner within 5 years. So why do lawyers get offered Partnerships and not Commercial Real Estate Agents?

Is it because they passed the Bar exam?
Is it because they attended 4 years of Law school?
Is it because they make more fees than a Commercial Real Estate Agent?
Is it because Lawyers know how to represent and protect their own rights better?
Is it because Lawyers are too smart to stay in one place unless they are offered a Partnership?

So then, why do Lawyers get offered Partnerships and not Commercial Real Estate Agents? Well…at Lee & Associates, they DO!

The truth is Lee & Associates is the only Top 10 National Commercial Real Estate Brokerage platform that offers its Agents the ability to make Partner and receive profit share and other exclusive benefits. While I’m pretty sure he wasn’t, perhaps Bill Lee, the founder of Lee & Associates was an attorney back in 1979 when he created Lee & Associates. All we know is that he did, and that the “Associates” are what makes the Lee platform so great.

Reach out to Matthew Rotolante, President of Lee & Associates South Florida to explore today what a Partnership at Lee & Associates can do for you for your commercial real estate career including exclusive passive income opportunities, full resources, custom marketing, national leads, lucrative splits, profit share and more!


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