February , 2024 (HOUSTON) – Port Houston once again had an astounding year in 2023. While overall annual performance statistics were down relative to 2022, triumphs were seen throughout the year. The final quarter of the year embraced several of the more notable triumphs, including extraordinary cargo volumes and great strides in The Port’s renovation and expansion projects. Just beyond the 3.8 million mark, total TEUs ended the year merely 4% below the previous annual volume. It must be noted that all U.S. ports saw a reduction in container traffic year-over-year in 2023 but Port Houston experienced a compression that was relatively minor in comparison to the other top five ports. This activity reduction can be accredited to the unprecedented milestone number 2022 incurred and the adversity Ports across the nation are facing due to rising inflation and less consumer spending. A cargo deficiency was identified to be the specific justification for The Port of Los Angeles’ decline in traffic, but the nationwide downturn can best be validated by overall economic activity returning to normalcy following the “Covid-19 comeback” upsurge.

According to Port Houston officials, robust performance results have already been recorded early into the new year. A year-over-year total container growth upsurge to the tune of 4% in January has established a vigorous start to the first quarter of 2024.

Considering the U.S. is walking on thin ice with a recession below, the ultimate port of the Gulf of Mexico and its contributions are crucial both locally and for the state. These contributions continue to help keep the Texas and Houston economies at a level that is relatively resistant and resilient when it comes to many negative factors currently facing the rest of the nation. With more planned expansion and renovation projects coming to fruition at Port Houston to facilitate elevated demand, performance growth is projected to climb.

Major National Port Total TEUs Graph

Overall, in relation to industrial real estate in Houston, the noteworthy achievements port officials have proclaimed should continue to provide stability in a contracting market. Justin Tunnell, a Principal at Lee & Associates Houston affirms that the synergy of demand and growth within the leading port of the Gulf Coast proceeds to further enhance the dynamic landscape of Houston’s Southeast Industrial market. Heightening leasing trends remain harmonious with Port Houston activity and echo the level of confidence and consistent stability that defines the region.

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