Lee’s Tale of Not Two, but Three Cities

The retail transformation is alive and well on both coasts. So say Lee & Associates brokers from L.A., Charleston and Manhattan. Of course, there are major differences, allowing for size and local market culture, as Lee & Associates brokers explain.

How are Charleston, L.A. and New York City alike? Well, two out of three ain’t bad. For the former two metros, they’re alike in more ways than you would think, allowing of course for local color. The New York story is a bit different, as you’ll see.

There’s good news in both L.A. and Charleston, as Lee & AssociatesJodi Shoemake and John Orr explain in this exclusive RECon video interview. For Orr’s market, Charleston, industrial growth is having a Tinker-to-Evers-to-Chance impact on multifamily and, therefore, shopping. In Shoemake’s domain, Los Angeles, well, it’s Los Angeles.

New York, on the other hand, is waking from what JP Sutro terms a “power nap.” Sutro provides the play-by-play of retail market dynamics and calls out the subsectors to which up-and-coming retailers are attracted.

He’ll talk about the backfill picture as well as provide the headline for the market going forward through the end of the year. Here’s a hint: It’s onward and upward for Manhattan retail.

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