Lee & Associates Central California Transitions from a Satellite to a Freestanding Office While Growing Connectivity and Resources in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Los Olivos

New Standing Allows Office to Access Unique Capital Structure while Building Resources
and Client Services throughout Central California and the Central Coast Region

July 9, 2024 (BAKERSFIELD, CA) – Lee & Associates, the largest broker-owned commercial real estate firm in North America, announced today that their Central California office has transitioned from a satellite office to a freestanding office, granting them access to Lee & Associates unique capital structure benefits. Additionally, the office will aid in growing connectivity, resources, and leadership in the Central Coast region.

The Lee & Associates Central California team, which opened as a Satellite in February of last year, is led by Chad Brockand Michael Ming. Their team consists of 22 professionals, including Stephen Kritscher, JoAnn Wall, Nat DiBuduo, Amanda Brock, Vali Nemetz, Janie Gatzman, George Ming, Emily Ming, Ryan Metzler, Dan Cobb, Lauren McNinch, Melinda Bie, Steve Leider, Christi Vior, Tom Davidson, Jeff Allen, Marty Indvik, Eric Powers, Ross Puskarich, Frank Oberti, Greg Archer, and Steve Relth.

“It is with immense excitement that we announce our formal integration into Lee & Associates, marking the inception of our independent office strategically positioned to cater to the dynamic markets of the Central Valley and Central California,” said Brock. “The robust resources and unwavering support extended by the Lee & Associates team have met and exceeded our expectations.  As we diligently set plans into motion, we anticipate a future brimming with unparalleled opportunities for our brokers and the clientele we proudly serve.”

Ming added, "with a legacy of innovation and client-focused solutions, our Central California office is poised to redefine the landscape of commercial and agricultural real estate, one thriving partnership at a time."

The structure of Lee & Associates is unique in that it is entirely debt-free. Over our 45-year history, the capital deployed during the opening of new offices is raised in advance by Lee & Associates principals across North America. As shareholders of the company, this separates us from our competition and creates one common goal: to provide seamless, consistent execution and value-driven market-to-market services to our clients.

“The importance of our Central California presence is underscored by the quality of the leadership we have been able to attract and partner with. Mike Ming and Chad Brock bring outstanding resumes, market penetration, and quality leadership experience. They will operate in an important and growing region in California that includes the Central Coast and Central Valley, areas that abut some of our most productive existing teams,"said Jeffrey Rinkov, CEO of Lee & Associates. “I am very enthusiastic about the additional asset classes they will provide coverage and expertise for, most notably their long history of successful agricultural, mineral rights, alternative energy, and redevelopment practices. I thank Mike Tingus, Nanette Yoshimi, and our Los Angeles North offices for supporting this effort and helping to formulate this important partnership."

Lee & Associates has established an emphasis on expansion. New office locations in the last five years include Tampa Bay, FL; Lafayette, LA; Lincoln, NE; Western Pennsylvania; Central California; Kansas City, KS; Baton Rouge, LA; Calgary, AB; Nashville, TN; Los Angeles – Downtown, CA; San Francisco, CA; Omaha, NE; Naples, FL; Washington, DC; Boston, MA; and Toronto, ON.

The Lee & Associates Central California offices are located at 5401 Business Park South, Suite 122 in Bakersfield, California; 109 E. Victoria Street, First Floor in Santa Barbara, California; 668 Marsh Street, Suite 3 in San Luis Obispo, California; and 2990 Grand Avenue, Suite D in Los Olivos, California. To contact Chad Brock or Michael Ming, please email cbrock@lee-associates.com or mming@lee-associates.com.

Lee & Associates offers an array of real estate services tailored to meet the needs of the company’s clients, including commercial real estate brokerage, integrated services, and construction services. Established in 1979, Lee & Associates is now an international firm with offices throughout North America. Our professionals regularly collaborate to make sure they are providing their clients with the most advanced, up-to-date market technology and information. For the latest news from Lee & Associates, visit lee-associates.com or follow us on FacebookLinkedInTwitter and Link, our company blog.



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